Email and Phone directory: Main Phone Number (847) 437-5771

George Riddiford
President and CEO:

Direct Dial: (847) 378-6020

Joseph Riddiford
Vice President:

Direct Dial: (847) 378-6021

Christopher Riddiford
Vice President:

Direct Dial: (847) 378-6022

Jay Tulley
Project Manager:

Direct Dial: (847) 378-6024

David Noonan
Service Department Manager
Direct Dial: (847) 378-6028

Axel Olvera
Direct Dial: (847) 378-6029

TJ Taylor
Direct Dial: (847) 378-6018

Steve Young
Direct Dial: (847) 378-6025

Greg Carlson
Office Manager:
Direct Dial: (847) 378-6012

Nicole Fuentes
Direct Dial: (847) 378-6010

Cassandra Felke
Direct Dial: (847) 378-6027

Richard Dufern
Yard Superintendent
Direct Dial: (847) 378-6026


Arthur Jazowski
Sheet Metal
Direct Dial: (847)378-6032

Janusz Jazowski
Sheet Metal
Direct Dial: (847) 378-6034

Wallace Andersen
Sheet Metal
Direct Dial: (847) 378-6033

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Additional Information:

Riddiford Roofing Company
2333 Hamilton Road
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005

Phone: (847) 437-5771
Fax: (847) 437-5961
General Email:

24-Hour Emergency Pager
for Current Projects:

(815) 767-0491

24-Hour Emergency Pager
for Service Department:

(847) 319-5560

To conveniently report leaks on the Internet, please send an Email to and we will forward you a template form to report any future leaks.

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