For four generations, family-owned Riddiford Roofing Company has installed, maintained and repaired roof systems for large and small commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. A family commitment to quality in every aspect of roofing has produced over 100 years of superior craftsmanship.

President and Chief Executive George Riddiford makes providing exceptional roofing his goal every day. But the story of Riddiford Roofing Company begins long before George joined the ranks.

In 1901, George’s grandfather and partner formed Murdock Roofing Company on Chicago’s south side. Shortly after the time that Mrs. O’Leary’s cow was blamed for the Great Chicago Fire, their roofing work helped to rebuild the devastated city. They used a horse and pulley to hoist materials to workers on the roof. In a short time, George’s father and his two brothers joined his grandfather, growing the business enough to support four families.

George’s father then founded Riddiford Roofing Company in 1964 with a dream of working side by side with his son. George worked at the company for his father every summer as a roofer’s apprentice, learning the business in the field before joining the office after college. He married in 1967, and his father passed away the day after the wedding after a battle with cancer. After much thought and soul searching, George decided to stick it out and keep the business and his father’s dream alive.

Since then, the company has seen tremendous growth over the years. Many family members have worked with and for George during this time, including his mother, his wife Pat, his brothers-in-law, his sons Joe and Chris, and one of his nephews. The company’s facilities and equipment have come a long way from the days of horses and buckets. The Arlington Heights office and shop continues to expand to meet the growing needs of their customers. With over 150 employees, Riddiford Roofing remains one of the largest roofing companies in the Midwest.

Commercial roofing can be a difficult business with heavy competition. George Riddiford, his family, and his “family of employees” work hard every day to ensure excellence.